Texture and geochemistry of surface horizons of Arctic soils from a non-glaciated catchment, SW Spitsbergen

Journal title

Polish Polar Research




vol. 37


No 3



Arctic ; chemical composition ; Cryosols ; surface layer ; Svalbard ; texture

Divisions of PAS

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Polish Academy of Sciences ; Committee on Polar Research




Artykuły / Articles


DOI: 10.1515/popore-2016-0019 ; ISSN 0138-0338 ; eISSN 2081-8262


Polish Polar Research; 2016; vol. 37; No 3; 361-377


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Editorial Board

Editorial Advisory Board

Angelika BRANDT (Hamburg),

Claude DE BROYER (Bruxelles),

Peter CONVEY (Cambridge, UK),

J. Alistair CRAME (Cambridge, UK),

Rodney M. FELDMANN (Kent, OH),

Jane E. FRANCIS (Cambridge, UK),

Andrzej GAŹDZICKI (Warszawa)

Aleksander GUTERCH (Warszawa),

Jacek JANIA (Sosnowiec),

Jiří KOMÁREK (Třeboň),

Wiesława KRAWCZYK (Sosnowiec),

German L. LEITCHENKOV (Sankt Petersburg),

Jerónimo LÓPEZ-MARTINEZ (Madrid),

Sergio A. MARENSSI (Buenos Aires),

Jerzy NAWROCKI (Warszawa),

Ryszard OCHYRA (Kraków),

Maria OLECH (Kraków)

Sandra PASSCHIER (Montclair, NJ),

Jan PAWŁOWSKI (Genève),

Gerhard SCHMIEDL (Hamburg),

Jacek SICIŃSKI (Łódź),

Michael STODDART (Hobart),

Witold SZCZUCIŃSKI (Poznań),

Andrzej TATUR (Warszawa),

Wim VADER (Tromsø),

Tony R. WALKER (Halifax, Nova Scotia),

Jan Marcin WĘSŁAWSKI (Sopot) - President.

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Abstracting & Indexing

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