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International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications | 2012 | vol. 58 | No 4

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Abstract Distributed arithmetic is well known technique of designing FIR filters in FPGA devices. The quality of such filter implementation strongly depends on synthesis results of the DALUT block. Heterogeneity of modern FPGA structures introduces new possibilities into implementation process, that may lead to better results, but also makes it more complicated. This paper presents the simple mathematical model for estimating the necessary FPGA resources to implement DA-LUT using decomposition-based approach. The model takes into account the type of logic cells or memory blocks used for decomposition process. The proposed model is helpful to determinate the DALUT decomposition strategy for further automation of modified distributed arithmetic decomposition method
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Authors and Affiliations

Mariusz Rawski
Michał Staworko
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Abstract In this paper a new conception of safety logic microcontroller (BML) is described, together with its physical hardware realization. The unit has various mechanisms which increase its safety and reliability, so that it can satisfy rigorous requirements of safety-critical systems. Thus, the BML unit uses some untypical and innovative technical solutions. The new approach to safety systems development allowed to propose a new conception. The paper describes also physical realization of small multiprocessor BML unit for management of decision-control systems adopted to critical usage.
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Authors and Affiliations

Marek Sałamaj

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