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Ectopic pregnancy constitutes 2% of all pregnancies. In the last decades, due to the rising amount of caesarean sections, new localization of ectopic pregnancy has been observed — caesarean scar pregnancy (CSP). Cesarean scar pregnancy is an iatrogenic disease and a life-threatening condition which frequency will systematically rise. Because of possible serious complications, CSP should be swift ly diagnosed and treated. Th e purpose of this retrospective study was to demonstrate diff erent methods of CSP treatment performed between 2015–2018 in the Clinic of Endocrinological Gynaecology and Gynaecology Jagiellonian University Medical College in Cracow. Th e clinical characteristics, diagnosis, various methods of treatment and clinical outcomes were analysed. Defi nitive algorithm of CSP treatment is still not established. Pharmacological and operative methods are approved while expectant observation is considered unsafe due to possible risk of complications for the patient, including death.
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