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The study was conducted on 26 male, 30 days-old goats, separated from their mothers, divided into two equal groups: I - control and II - experimental, consisting of 13 animals each. All animals were fed with milk replacer, experimental group received additionally 50 g/kg body weight, additive of HMB, for 60 days. The following features were analyzed: body weight, daily increases of body weight, as well as hematological and biochemical blood features. Differences in body weight were found, between experimental and control group, after 60 days of experiment 0.57 kg (p≤0.01). The daily weight gain of experimental animals was higher in comparison with control group. Significant differences were also noted in results of hematological and biochemical blood parameters. Experimental animals showed a higher level of red blood cells as well as number of lymphocytes in comparison with the control group, (p≤0.01).Significant changes were also observed in the level of triglycerides, inorganic phosphorus and protein between both groups. The acid-base balance parameters and ionogram, showed a higher pH level (p≤0.05) HCO – act., HCO – std., BE, ctCO , O sat, K+, Cl– (p≤0.01), while the anion gap (AG) and Na+ were significantly lower in control group (p≤0.01).
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