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The increased cultivation of highbush blueberry in Poland has been paralleled with enhanced damage to this crop by different pests and diseases, including soft scales. We have carried out trials to assess methods for controlling soft scales of the genus Parthenolecanium in highbush blueberry grown in open fields or under a plastic tunnel, with an approach based on integrated pest management (IPM) principles. The reduction of Lecanium scale population using alternative products, with mechanical mechanisms of action, was similar to that achieved with treatments of different formulations of neonicotinyl-based pesticides; sometimes they were even more effective on protected crops. Control programs on plantations with a large population of Lecanium scales based on the application of these alternative products in spring and at harvest time and chemical compounds in autumn resulted in a very high efficacy and are considered the most suitable strategies to assure yields without residues and a reduced impact on the environment.
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