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The paper proposes a study of molecular interactions using the planetary model of the atomic structure. The description refers to transfer of the interactions by electrons bonded with an atom in a planetary system. In molecules we refer to analysis of electrons that remain unpaired during the formation of chemical compounds. The planetary electronic state of molecular interactions is defined by considering the action arm for interatomic forces. Then the interaction torque is defined. The problem is studied in a collection of atoms forming a nanoparticle and then analysis is carried on in the entire volume of the nanocomposite, which is defined as a set of the nanoparticles in a field of matrix-nanofiller interactions. As a result, new mechanical, magnetic, and optical properties of the nanocomposite arise and are described herein. The atomic-scale phenomena are described by both classical and quantum mechanics and are then transferred to the nanoparticle scale by applying statistical mechanics. The quantum solutions for the optically active electrons form the basis for the optical properties of the nanocomposite using forced gyrobirefringence and Maxwell equations. The results of the theoretical analysis are confirmed by experiment using an electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer.
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