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This paper presents an analysis of the blending characteristics of axial flow high-speed impellers under a turbulent regime of flow of an agitated low viscosity liquid. The conductivity method is used to determine the time course of blending (homogenisation) of miscible liquids in a pilot plant fully baffled mixing vessel, and a torquemeter is used for measuring the impeller power input in the same system. Four-blade and six-blade pitched blade impellers and three high efficiency axial flow impellers are tested for the given degree of homogeneity (98%). The experimental results and also the results of the authors' previous study, in accordance with the theoretical approach described in the literature, show that there is a universal relationship between the impeller power number and the dimensionless blending time, taking into consideration the impeller-to-vessel diameter ratio, independent of the geometry of the axial flow impeller but dependent on the degree of homogeneity. This relationship is found to be valid on a pilot plant scale under a turbulent flow regime of an agitated liquid.
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