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The upper section of the Bystrzyca River has a character of trout and grayling zone of river. The aim of the study was to determine the species composition of fish in the upper section of the Bystrzyca River and attempt to evaluate angling pressure on fish in this section of river based on analysis of records of amateur fishing. To determine the fish composition the control fishing was conducted using electric fishing gear. The assessment of angling pressure was based on the analysis of 2135 records of fishing in the mountain type rivers in 2012 year, obtained from PAA Lublin. The brown trout and grayling were a dominant fish species in the upper section of the Bystrzyca River, and the first of them was present on the whole length of the river and had the highest average density. The changes of fish community along the river course from Salmonids lead to an increase of the share of Cyprinids fish has been observed. Analysis of records of ama-teur fish catch revealed that the upper section of the Bystrzyca River is under considerable of angling pressure and the most commonly fished species was brown trout. However, the properly carried fishery management on this section of river and the establishment of „no kill” zone allows for proper maintenance of the populations of fish species valuable for anglers.
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