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In order to study the effects of various gating systems on the casting of a complex aluminum alloyed multi-way valve body, both software simulation analysis and optimization were carried out. Following, the aluminum alloyed multi-way valve body was cast to check the pouring of the aluminum alloy valve body. The computer simulation results demonstrated that compared to the single side casting mode, the casting method of both sides of the gating system would reduce the filling of the external gas, while the air contact time would be lower. Adversely, due to the pouring on both sides, the melt cannot reach at the same time, leading to the liquid metal speed into the cavity to differ, which affected the liquid metal filling stability. The riser unreasonable setting led to the solidification time extension, resulting in a high amount of casting defects during solidification. Also, both gating systems led the entire casting inconsequential solidification. To overcome the latter problems, a straight gate was set at the middle pouring and the horizontal gate diversion occurred on both sides of pouring, which could provide better casting results for the aluminum alloyed multi-valve body.
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