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The paper presents the study results of laser modification of Vanadis-6 steel after diffusion boronized. The influence of laser beam fluence on selected properties was investigated. Diffusion boronizing lead to formation the FeB and Fe2B iron borides. After laser modification the layers were consisted of: remelted zone, heat affected zone and substrate. It was found that increase of laser beam fluence have influence on increase in dimensions of laser tracks. In the thicker remelting zone, the primary dendrites and boron eutectics were detected. In the thinner remelting zone the primary carbo-borides and eutectics were observed. In obtained layers the FeB, Fe2B, Fe3B0.7C0.3 and Cr2B phases were detected. Laser remelting process caused obtained the mild microhardness gradient from the surface to the substrate. In the remelted zone was in the range from 1800 HV0.1 to 1000 HV0.1. It was found that the laser beam fluence equal to 12.7 J/mm2 was most favorable. Using this value, microhardness was relatively high and homogeneous.
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