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Measurements of hydrogen solubility in various nitrobenzene-aniline mixtures were conducted in an autoclave reactor with a stirrer and control of temperature. The solubility of hydrogen was measured at 7 different values of temperature (30 °C, 40 °C, 50 °C, 90 °C, 130 °C, 170 °C, 210 °C, respectively), 3 values of stirrer rotation speed (1200 rpm, 1600 rpm, 2000 rpm, respectively) and a range of pressure of 20 ‒ 30 bar. Moreover, pure aniline, pure nitrobenzene and their mixtures with different concentrations were used. In the next step, values of Henry’s constant were calculated. Based on experimental data a dependence of Henry’s constant on temperature for pure aniline and pure nitrobenzene was proposed. Additionally, for each temperature correlations between Henry’s constant and aniline’s concentration in mixture of nitrobenzene-aniline were found.
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