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In this paper were conducted virtual tests to assess the impact of geometry changes on the response of metallic hexagonal honeycomb structures to applied loadings. The lateral compressive stress state was taken into consideration. The material properties used to build numerical models were assessed in laboratory tests of aluminium alloy 7075. The modelling at meso-scale level allow to comprehensive study of honeycomb internal structure. The changes of honeycomb geometry elements such as: fillets radius of the cell edges in the vicinity of hexagonal vertexes, wall thickness were considered. The computations were conducted by using finite element method with application of the ABAQUS finite element method environment. Elaborated numerical models allowed to demonstrate sensitivity of honeycomb structures damage process response to geometry element changes. They are a proper tools to perform optimization of the honeycomb structures. They will be also helpful in designing process of modern constructions build up of the considered composite constituents in various branches of industry. Moreover, the obtained results can be used as a guide for engineers. Conducted virtual tests lead to conclusion that simplification of the models of internal honeycomb structure which have become commonplace among both engineers and scientist can lead to inaccurate results.
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